Best Lightroom Shop 2015

Granted, there are lots of websites where you can get both paid and free Lightroom presets. That said, there are some websites that stand above others judged by a few factors. These websites have found a balance between amazing products, a lively Lightroom community and amazing customer care service. These three, among others, are the parameters that we used in determining which of the more than a thousand Lightroom presets websites and webshops is the best.

Honorable Mentions

Below, you will find a list of five websites that stood out as some of the best after digging through the list of potential best Lightroom websites and webstores and that came so close to being the editor’s choice for the best website. Please note that these are not in any particular order.

  • Pretty presets
  • Contrastly
  • BeArt Presets
  • Greater than Gatsby
  • Get Totally Rad


Editors choice: Sleeklens

Although Sleeklens is relatively new, it is already making inroads in the Adobe Lightroom and photography arena. From their impressive list of products to their customer care service, we really have got nothing negative to say about them. In addition to all this, they also have a very strong social media community on Facebook and twitter. This not only keeps their visitors, customers and social media followers engaged, it also helps to grow the realm of photography and post production work. This is through allowing the members to engage with each other, discuss, share information and tutorials as well as offer each other help when the need arises.

What we Looked At

There are a few things that we looked at when deciding which of the best websites or webshops is the best as far as Adobe Lightroom is concerned.

1. Product Quality

Sleeklens offersa nhuge collection of Lightroom presets and workflow bundles that will help you edit all kinds of images and photographs. On their list of some of their best works are portrait presets, landscape presets, black & white presets, vintage presets, film presets as well as many other different types of presets. In addition to that, they have recently introduced workflow bundles that feature both presets and brushes. This is to make your post production work that much easier.

Nature - Warm (original) 3

2. Tutorials, articles and help

Sleeklens is constantly adding to their blog and tutorials section. This is so that newbies and professionals alike can get to learn one or two new things concerning both photography and Lightroom post-production work and procedures. On their website, you will find both written and video tutorial on how to do quite a few things such as installing presets and brushes as well as how to edit images and photographs using their new presets and brushes.

3. Active Communities

As mentioned earlier, Sleeklens has one of the most active social media presence around. They run Facebook groups and pages in 3 languages to ensure that no matter where you are in the world or what language you speak, you are covered. In addition, they engage with the community on a daily basis to teach, share information and tutorials as well as to keep the community abreast of all the latest happenings on the website as well as in the general Lightroom and photography world.

4. Customer care and service

One of the most impressive things about Sleeklens is that they have an active customer care portal on their website. This portal, unlike those found on most other websites, is handled by real humans and not bots. Normally, if they are online, you will get an answer or a reply to your message within a minute of posting. If you find their representatives offline, you can send an offline message and you will get a reply in less than 24 hours.

Their representatives are also very helpful especially when you have questions or have any problem with your purchases or downloads. They do not leave you hanging like most other websites do.

5. Pricing

Sleeklens is a community of designers and photographers who believe that one should be afforded all the tools that they need to succeed at a cost they can afford. Although it may not look like it, their initiative to offer one of their premium bundles for free to those who are just starting out with Adobe Lightroom is a God-send.

In addition, all of their presets, including their ultimate bundle, are very well priced  ensuring that you get premium presets at a fraction of what you would get them on most other websites and web stores.

Some of Sleeklens’ Products

It would not be fair to say that Sleeklens is the editor’s choice for the best Lightroom website or webshop without looking at some of their products.

1. Through the woods Workflow

This is a collection of presets and brushes that will come in handy for anyone into landscape photography. The presets and brushes give you the ability to not only improve your images and photographs but to also adjust colors and contrasts to come up with something truly spectacular.


2. Strike a Pose Workflow

This is a workflow that is geared towards those who edit portraits photographs. It allows your subjects to stand out and transforms ordinary pictures into masterpieces.

revised-image-after-2 Image-5-after2 Image-1-after3

3. Out of the Shadows HDR Workflow

This is a collection of both Brushes and Presets that will allow you to create and add stunning HDR effects to your images and photographs.

Image-12-after Image-6-after2 Image-14-after

4. The Ultimate Lightroom Presets Bundle

This is a massive collection of over 17 different Sleeklens bundles. You have everything in here from film presets to wedding presets. Take advantage of the sale that they have on their website where you get all 430 presets for less than $79. Now that is a steal!

Nature - Warm (original) 3


5. Color Fantasy Workflow

If you usually have problems injecting color and life into your images, worry no more. The Color Fantasy workflow from Sleeklens will allow you to add color to images to bring them to life and to show them in special ways you never thought possible.

Image-2-before4 Image-3-after3