New Camera? Update The Camera Profiles In Your Lightroom Presets
April 14, 2015
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If you follow me on twitter, you know that I recently picked up another camera, the Fujifilm X100T.  The X100T is my first new camera in years. It’s been so long since I’ve used a different camera in Lightroom, in fact, that I had forgotten that my standard develop preset included a camera profile for my other camera.

Lightroom uses camera profiles the extrapolate color information when it processes raw files. By default, Lightroom applies an Adobe Standard profile, but you can select a different profile for your camera by navigating to the Develop module and finding the Camera Calibration tab.

adobe lightroom camera calibration

Lightroom Fanatic – Camera Calibration

In my case, since my preset included a profile specific to a different camera, when I applied the preset to the images from my X100T, Lightroom defaulted to the Adobe Standard profile. In my experience, though, the standard profile is usually not the best profile for getting the best color out of a raw file, so I will usually select a the camera standard profile and include that in my starter preset.

adobe lightroom camera calibration

Lightroom Fanatic – Camera Specific Profiles

As an added benefit, for most cameras, the camera-specific profiles also include the color presets that are available on the camera itself. So if you like the Classic Chrome filter on the X100T, you can apply it as a camera profile inside Lightroom.

philadelphia reading terminal market classic chrome

Lightroom Fanatic – Fuji Classic Chrome

If you include camera profiles in your presets and you want to apply similar settings to the images from your new camera, you can easily create a new preset for the new camera. Apply your existing preset to an image, change the camera profile for the new camera, then save the settings as a new preset. You can create a folder for each camera, or you can add a camera identifier to the preset name.

Happy shooting with that new camera!

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