Clean Up The Clutter By Disabling Unused Lightroom Plug-ins
December 23, 2014
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The new year is nearly upon us! It’s time to start making those resolutions! Minimalism is always fun, and we can start by donating the old clothes and toys that were replaced by all the cool stuff we got at Christmas. Treadmills are less fun, but equally important to good health and a clear, creative mind. So whether you’re clearing the clutter from the hallway table or shedding the holiday weight, there’s another place that could use some attention heading in to the new year, as well, and that’s inside Lightroom.

One of the features of the last release of Lightroom was to include the Aperture/iPhoto Importer plug-in. While I’m sure there is a use for the plug-in for those poor souls that have finally been forced to realize the pure awesomeness of Lightroom, I’ve known all along so I have no need for the plug-in. Unfortunately, it’s installed and enabled by default, which means my Plug-in Extras menu has unnecessary entries that I’d rather not see.

lightroom plug-in plugin aperture import

Lightroom Fanatic – Cluttered Plug-in Extras

Fortunately, it’s easy enough to disable the plug-in and remove those items from the menu. To get started, head over to the Lightroom Plug-in Manager by navigating to File > Plug-in Manager or using the shortcut ,.

lightroom plugin manager plugin

Lightroom Fanatic – Lightroom Plug-in Manager

The Plug-in Manager shows you the plug-ins that you currently have installed and whether they are enabled or not. As you can see from the image above, Lightroom comes with a number of integrated plug-ins, and most of them are enabled by default. Right at the top of the list is the Aperture importer. A few other notable plugins for me include the Behance plug-in, which I don’t use, along with the Canon Tether and Leica Tether plug-ins (I shoot Nikon), and the Facebook and Flickr plug-ins, which I also don’t use. Each of these plug-ins shows up somewhere in Lightroom, and I’d rather only see those items that are relevant to me.

To accomplish this mighty task takes courage! It takes determination! It takes…ok, it only takes a few button clicks. For each of the plug-ins that you don’t need, click it on the left side of the Plug-in Manager and click on the Disable button in the Status window on the right.

wpid2793-lr5_lightroom_plugin_disabled.jpgWhen you’re done, you’ll be free from the clutter of unnecessary menu items and drop downs. Below is the “after” menu once I disabled the Aperture plug-in.

lightroom plug-in manager extras menu

Lightroom Fanatic – Cleaned Up Plug-in Extras Menu

I hope that helps getting you clutter-free heading in to the new year! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, Fanatics!

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