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  • Ted Rossman says:

    I am an old guy and amateur. I have Lightroom 5 and Photoshop Cs6. I guess I did not set things up right. I want to scan digital slides and negatives into Lightroom but after I digitize an image Photoshop takes over and grabs the image. Could you please tell me how I can prevent Photoshop from getting the image and instead have it go to Lightroom? Any help would be appreciated.

    • dave says:

      Hi, Ted. The going in to Photoshop is probably tied to your scan software and/or operating system. Correcting that would depend on your scan software and whether you can tell it to just write the file and not open Photoshop. If you can do that, however, one option would be to set your “Scan To” folder as a folder that Lightroom watches for with the “Auto Import” feature. So you would scan to that folder, and Lightroom would see the new scan and import it in to the catalog. Inside of Lightroom, you can then move your images to wherever you want them, assuming you want to put them in different folders. I hope that helps! ~Dave