Best Free and Paid Adobe Lightroom Presets
August 28, 2015
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The internet is overflowing with Lightroom presets. A huge number of photographers and designers are developing their own Lightroom presets and either making them available for free on the internet or selling them on various websites and platforms. Due to the sheer number of the available presets, it may be challenging for you to look for and find the best presets for your work. Below, we bring you a collection of the best free and paid Lightroom presets. Granted we may have missed a few so if you know of a better collection of presets, be sure to share with all of us in the comments section.

Click on the images to check any of the workflows out.

1. (Editor’s Choice) Sleeklens’ Complete Lightroom Collection

1595 Lightroom Presets & 357 Lightroom brushes

If you are looking for the best Lightroom workflow bundle, it does not get any better than The Complete Sleeklens LR Collection. This is a collection of all the workflows that are available on Sleeklens put together in a neat package for the power user. This package is for those who want to go from newbie to professional in an instant because apart from the collection of presets and brushes being as wide as it, the presets are also very easy to use. To top it all off, Sleeklens have made available training videos on how to install, use and stack these presets and brushes. No matter your skill level, this Complete Sleeklens LR Collection stands out as the clear choice for you.


What impressed me about the bundle is that apart from the quality of the presets and brushes, which is stellar by the way, is how meticulously the brushes and presets are created. They are accurate, high quality and so unique, you will be creating unique masterpieces in no time at all. To top it all off, Sleeklens are having a sale of their biggest bundle yet for a limited time so hurry on there and grab this must-have collection of the best that Sleeklens has to offer before the sale ends.



2. Strike a Pose Workflow

The strike a pose workflow is meant to make working with portrait photographs a breeze. The Strike a pose workflow comes with both presets and brushes so as to make an available all the tools you need to edit your portrait photographs. From adjusting the contrasts to coming up with majestic color tones, the strike a pose workflow has it all. In addition to all that, it also comes with brushes that will help you edit specific parts of your image o that you are able to create photographs and images that are a lot more “you”.

Image-3-afer-1024x683 Image-2-after1-1024x683

Below is a video on how to use this workflow to achieve amazing results.

3. Out of The Shadows HDR Workflow

This collection of presets and brushes helps create amazingly clear and crisp  HDR images without using images of different exposures. These presets and brushes work best with all kinds of photographs but work exceptionally well on street, landscape and architecture photographs. They also work really well to improve images taken in low light conditions.

Image-14-after Image-3-after2 Image-6-after2

4. Aura Laborar Night Workflow

When looking for promising results and how to make the most out of night photography, Sleeklens does not disappoint in providing a quality post production product. And truth is this product speaks for itself by taking all the parameter-perfection stress formula out of the night photography experience, giving the users and advanced control of what’s going on with their work, enhancing aspects perhaps you didn’t consider before, and only requiring – for most cases, a tripod as extra tool for the craft.

2_edited-n29gm1zr2f1wpmfrjutwlk81ez4up0fz5yykfesrqa 3_edited-2-n29gopvafip5luki009unw120a0ai50lj5i3dmum3m

5. Maple & Pinecones Autumn Workflow

Regardless of how people wrongly assume autumn effects are just a matter of tint and color intensity, truth is Autumn photography is an entire challenge on its own, thus counting with post-production tools for making the natural enhancement process an easier task can be labeled as a much-appreciated resource that will boost the quality of our work and reduce editing phase in a considerable amount of time without compromising the end result.

Sleeklens takes their craft seriously enough to introduce “Maple & Pinecones Autumn Workflow”, their LR version of a real popular PS bundle released by them with the same purpose: editing Autumn Photographs. Meet this collection of 94 Presets + 38 Brushes.

03102014-_D8A1912-my8x6qgdlbjrok0g6bjety65tbxrvfuglm8r78yc0y K20A8793_edit-my8xbpzjuodja2ro1z55k6v79xcvpmn6yauhv3k50i

6. 100 Landscape Lightroom Presets

With this bundle you get a collection of over 100 presets for use with your landscape photographs. These presets promise to give your portrait, landscape or travel photographs a new, magical look.

4- 100 Landscapes 4 - 100 Landscape

7. Newborn delights workflow

This workflow affords you all the creativity and tools you need to create breathtaking newborn photographs and images. Give your pictures soft velvety looks while allowing the cuteness of your subjects to shine through. The newborn presets workflow will also let you adjust contrasts, lightning ad color tones to save you from any embarrassing mishaps during shooting. This workflow comes with both presets and brushes to allow you to create perfect newborn photographs. Enjoy!

Image-10-after1-1024x683 Image-1-after2-1024x683

The video below outlines perfectly the use of all of the brushes and presets included in this bundle, tell us what you think in the comments section.

8.Forever Thine Wedding Workflow

With this beautiful bundle of presets and brushes for Adobe Lightroom you will be able to transform your wedding photos into lasting memories for a lifetime! From enhancing details to tonality changes; Classic B & W photos, and much more. Get to know the power of a complete post production environmtent exclusively designed for wedding photography.


In this video displayed below, you will see how these presets and brushes perform a complete edit to a wedding photograph.

9. The Starter Pack Lightroom Presets Bundle

This Lightroom bundle is made specially for people who are just getting started with Adobe Lightroom. This is a collection of 30 free presets such as grainy presets, black & white presets, desaturated portraits, color corrections among others.  They have also recently added 10 brushes in it as well.



starter pack starter pack - 2

10.Editorial-Magazine Lightroom Presets

A collection of 10 premium Lightroom presets that have been created to help give your photographs a glossy, sexy magazine finish. The application/use of these presets can be undone with one click of a mouse so there is nothing to worry about when using these presets.

7. editorial magaine-1 7. editorial magaine-2

9.HDR Premium Lightroom presets

Add cool HDR effects to your photographs with one click! Add colors, improve contrasts and make your photographs shine like never before with this lightroom presets collection.

8. hdr premium - 2 8. hdr premium -1

11. Through the woods workflow

If you shoot landscape photographs, we have something for you too. The through the woods workflow gives you the tools, presets and brushes to create amazing landscape photographs. Add soft sunlight, soft color tones and dancing mist to enhance your landscape photographs. This workflow is for us with photographs taken under natural light.

Image-1-after-1024x683 Image-6-after-1024x683

Watch as this designer makes perfect use of this workflow bundle

12.Wedlock Lightroom Presets

Another Lightroom presets for your wedding photographs, the wedlock Lightroom presets collections will help you create gorgeous wedding photographs from your already existing ones.9. wedlock - 2

13.Era & Joe Lightroom Presets

Improve your photographs with presets that have been created for designers and photographers alike. These presets help you create totally new Lightroom presets by adjusting various elements in your photographs. See what I mean below.

10. era n joe - 1 10. era n joe - 2

14.Lomography Lightroom Presets

Achieve clean Lomographic effects using these lomography Lightroom presets. Although these presets have been made to ensure that you can achieve the looks you need in one click, you can make a few adjustments to the presets to create a more personalized look.

11. lomography 2


This is the first in a series of free Lightroom presets from shuttersweets. It features over 25 presets that you can download and use on almost all types of images.

12. shutterSweets

16. Trey’s Lightroom Presets Starter Pack

There presets have been called wild and for good reason: they are go a little bit overboard with the exposure but not bad enough that we do not want them. They still look good enough as you can see below.

13. treys

17.Free Street Photography Lightroom Presets

Included in this collection is a number of presets that are perfect for street photography. They can be used to create edgy photographs as well as photographs that mimic the look and feel of urban environments.

14. street

18. Infoparrot’s 10 Free HDR Lightroom Presets

Infoparrot are a provider of both free and premium Lightroom Presets. Today we feature their free HDR presets bundle that comes with 10 free Lightroom presets. They help you add low, medium and high HDR effects to your images and photographs without going overboard. Of course as with all other Infoparrot presets, these presets work with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC

 infoparrot hdr

19.Basic Color Enhancement Lightroom Presets

The name is pretty self explanatory for these presets: they are to be used to enhance the colors of any bland photographs that you may have.

16.color enhancement

20.Brick and Mortar Workflow

Live the urban photography like never before! This bundle of presets and brushes was thought to post produce architectural and urban photography ; focusing on highlighting the details and enhancing natural lighting. From HDR effects to images in B & W, anything is possible with “Brick and Mortar Workflow”



21.Fashion Lightroom Presets

These presets are for the artistic in nature. They are to be used to give your images a “fashion edge”. They can also be used to give your portraits a specific edgy look if that is the sort of thing that you are looking for.

17. fashion

22.Color Fantasy Workflow

Infuse light and color into your photos. The Color fantasy workflow is a collection of presets and brushes that will help enhance the color and light of your images in a natural way. The presets and brushes are stackable and they are also non-destructive in nature.

Image-2-after3 Image-7-after3

23.Soft Rose Lightroom Preset

Use this preset to enhance the colors of your images and close up objects. This preset is best suited for photographs of nature, flowers and plants.

18. soft rose

24.Cherry Blossom Lightroom Preset

Another nature inspired preset, this one also helps you create gorgeous, up-close nature photographs.

19. cherry blossom

25.Vintage Lightroom Presets

This is a collection of 7 free vintage Lightroom presets. Use them to create retro or vintage photographs by giving your images any of the 7 looks included in this bundle.

20 - Vintage

26.Forgotten Postcards Workflow

All the effects vintage you ever dream of within reach of a couple of clicks! Breathtaking retro effects, thanks to this pack of presets and brushes designed by Sleeklens – Enjoy the feeling of timeless photographs!


Get to know a step-by-step process on how to work with these products in this video

27.Free Color Print Film Emulation Lightroom presets

Remember that time we used to take photographs using analogue cameras with films inside them? The presets included in this collection seek to recreate the look and feel of photographs developed from actual films. Enjoy!

21. color print

28.Free HDR Lightroom Presets

This presets bundle allows you to add low, medium and high HDR effects to your photographs to create amazing photographs. See the samples below

22. free hdr presets

29.Landscape Essentials Workflow Bundle

When looking for some of the finest solutions in digital post production for landscape photography, this compendium bundle by Sleeklens stands out not just for its price but for the range of products included. Showcased in a 3-in-1 solution, Landscape Essentials Workflow includes “Through the Woods Workflow”, “Brick and Mortar Workflow” plus “Out of the Shadows Workflow” for a reduced price.



30.Faded film look preset for Lightroom

Use there presets to create a faded, vintage look and feel with your photographs. Included are both color and black & white effects and presets.

23. faded

31.Free HDR Lightroom Preset

This preset is a quick and easy solution for those who need to add HDR effects to their photos without fumbling too much with adobe Lightroom. This preset works with Lightroom 4, 5,6 and CC and is one of the easiest presets to use on this list.

24 - Free hdr Preset

32.Free Vibrant Colors HDR Lightroom Preset

This free Lightroom preset adds a splash of color to your photographs and leaves them looking shiny and colorful. It works best with photos that are dull or that have dull colors. Take care not to use this preset on photos that have bright colors as the results might be too harsh.

25 - Vibrant HDR

33.Fall Colors Lightroom Presets

Use these presets to mimic the look and feel of fall.There presets work really well with photographs of forests or trees with brown or dark green leaves.

15. fall colors

34.Chasing Light Workflow

Natural lighting? That is no longer a problem if you have the correct post production tools. Discover a new way to take advantage of natural lighting conditions thanks to “Chasing Light Workflow” – a pack of more than 80 presets and brushes for giving a distinguished natural touch to your photographs


Learn how to use this product in this video below

35. Spring Colors Lightroom Workflow

The spring color Lightroom workflow is a collection of presets that aims to give your presets the colors of spring. It brings out the right colors, soft palletes and a feeling of sunlight to your photos. Check out the previews below.

6. spring colors

36. Free Lightroom Preset by Forrest Lane

This preset will give your images sort of a tangy look. Use this preset to make colors pop, add clarity to your images and improve the overall quality of your images.

Free Lightroom Preset by Forrest Lane

37. Monochrome and B&W Landscape Presets

Of course, this list would not be complete without having a look at some black and white presets. The Monochrome and B&W Landscape Presets are especially good at producing stunning black and white images. The best thing about them is that its not only completely black and white presets that are available. Some of the monochrome presets help create amazing photographs, just check out the samples below.

monochrome monochrome 2

38.Greyscale Essentials Workflow

Did you ever think that it was possible to create amazing effects photography monochrome with only a few clicks? Such a reality is possible thanks to “Greyscale Essentials Workflow” – a great pack of presets and brushes designed to achieve high-quality monochrome effects without losing your personal style.

Image-3-after_mini Image-7-after_mini

39. Lightroom 5 HDR Preset – Punchy HDR

This is a pretty popular collection of Lightroom 4 and 5 presets. Though they have not been optimized for Lightroom 6 and cc, these preset will still help you create awesome HDR images. They work best with RAW images to create high-quality images. Just check out the previews below


40.A Winter’s Tale Workflow

Beautiful snow-covered landscapes; feel as if you could touch your hands those small flakes of snow sitting on leaves thanks to the editing capacities of “A Winter’s Tale Workflow”. Simulates realistic snowflake effects with the ease of clicking on an only adjustment thanks to the presets “Let it Snow” or make adjustments in detail with the brushes included in the bundle.



41. A La Carta Food Workflow

Time to say “yummy!!”. A La Carta Food Workflow comes as a solution to boost contrast, tones and increase our chances to turn a simple dish into a beautiful artwork by acknowledging its potential, thus the importance to explore all the tools and specs included in this bundle of 82 Food Presets + 21 Brushes. Just that familiar “homemade” effect you were striving to craft in a blink of an eye!



42.Lightroom Presets CC V1.1

What makes Adobe Lightroom stand out from its close relative Photoshop is the fact that it doesn’t require a much-pronounced user’s learning curve in order to produce breathtaking results. Therefore, product developers are putting their efforts in making this craft a fast, neat experience that not only allows performing quality edits in seconds but learning something alongside the process.

SLR Lounge introduces their collection of LR Presets that speak by themselves: vivid tones, exposure setup compensation, soft light effects and many other “looks” you were just looking to try and test.


43.Runway Fashion Workflow

Catwalks aren’t just that far – you can go through them while using this complete bundle of Lightroom Presets & Brushes! Handcrafted to perfection, Runway Fashion Workflow meets up with the expectation of both amateurs and professional studio photographers whose interest is to make a living out of fashion and celebrity photography: the hardest branch of photography portraiture as a career.

Offering not just quick fixes for common inconveniences we might come across, Runway Fashion also focuses on skin retouch, enhancing natural beauty and simply not overdoing the essence of a quality work.

7_edit-1-mreozxjfw8wzy29b4x4lsg5pi0gw2c2s9sci2pq0de 16_edit-mrep13u6fsiwgijv9xetenhg8coeopqpflpco5zale

44. Professional Lightroom Presets

Another good bundle that contains quite the collection of products worth testing, the Professional Lightroom Presets collection by Willa Willa puts its aim in making the editing stage a neater experience, connecting the demands of professional work with the skills of beginners.


45. Superior Interior Workflow

Sleeklens addresses the common scenario in which Real Estate Photography doesn’t do as much of an outstanding work on its own unless the magical touch of postproduction is involved in the equation. Showcasing 130 Presets & 16 Brushes, Superior Interior Workflow works both for indoors and exterior Real Estate Photographs, but also for those portrait scenarios that require a much detailed end result over its photographs. Be sure not to miss it!

9_edit-n6cnqc0wcig0lovashsqpun26ykk7habda88rorqzm 13_edit-n6cnrz8qb2p2x4ha6pe8kxp3m8gooetelfbu04by3m

46. Portrait Essentials Workflow Bundle

To meet up with the end of this list, we can recall the many times in which we wished to have a complete solution of any kind of portrait photography chance that may arise. A sort of all-in-one solution, right? So, if we say we can consider fashion shots as a branch of portrait photography, or that the conditions of illumination also shape different editing methods, how to tell which kind of preset to use?

Fortunately for us, we can get a hold of this complete collection of portrait-intended presets & brushes for a fraction of the price we would pay for such versatile tools.

Portrait Essentials

What makes for good Lightroom Presets

There are so many Lightroom Presets available online right now that it becomes so hard to find the right one. Although there may be two or three presets that you find that you love for a certain purpose, the most important thing to know is how to evaluate and determine if a certain preset is the right one for the job. Here are a few of the things you ought to look at in order to determine if the presets you may be considering are the best.

1. Quality – This refers to both the quality of the preset as well as the quality of the images that are produced using the Lightroom presets of your choice. When choosing the presets that you fancy, you ought to have a look at the quality of the samples that are provided as the images that are produced using the presets that you are looking at. If the quality is not good enough, then there is no need to get the presets.

2. Ability to work with both RAW and JPEG image formats – There are two main formats that photographers use for their images, RAW and JPEG. The RAW image format carries a lot more data and is therefore much more customizable than its JPEG counterpart. Regardless, the presets that you choose ought to work with both of these formats. This is because even if you decide to always shoot your images in RAW format, there will come a time someone will send you images in a different format or you will download some images for your own post-production work that are in JPEG format.

3. Compatible with the latest versions of Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC – As you may know, every new version of Lightroom brings new features to the table. These new features are geared towards making sure that you produce your best work in the simplest way possible. New software versions also introduce new techniques and workflows that would greatly improve your quality of work as well as your output. In order to take advantage of all the shiny new features, the Lightroom presets that you choose ought to be compatible with at least Lightroom 4. If they are compatible with Lighroom 5, 6 and CC, that is even better.

4. Work with both PCs and MACs – While it is unlikely that you own both a MAC and a PC, there is a very good reason why the presets you choose should be compatible with both of these operating systems. The first reason is that you may have a different home setup from the one at your work place. The second reason is that you may be collaborating on some projects with someone with a different set up than the one you have. In these circumstances, you have to ensure that the Lightroom presets both of you are using, or the ones you are using at home and at work work with all the computer environments you have set up.

5. Work with a wide variety of photograph types – There are lots of different photography niches. Some of the most commons ones are landscape, wedding, vintage, fashion and portrait photography. Granted, there are lots of presets that cover each one of these niches. Another aspect is that you can easily export your work to Facebook, Pinterest, twitter or other social media. In order to see real value for the money you spend on Lightroom presets, you have to make sure that they are compatible with as many different photography niches you work with as possible. This is so that you do not have to go and get/buy presets for each of the photography types and niches you cover.

Nature - Warm (original) 3

6.  Ease of use – There is a somewhat steep learning curve when it comes to getting started with Adobe Lightroom. You do not have to make things harder for yourself. There are lots of presets out there that are clearly not for beginners or even intermediate users: they are simply too complex. In order to decide that a preset is good enough for you, it has got to be easy enough to use for you and your level of skill. That does not mean that you have to get stuck on the level you may be at. It is always a good idea to look at what is right above your skill and knowledge if you want to keep learning but for truly great work, use the presets that are easiest for you to use at the point you are at and move upwards when you feel comfortable taking on the next level.

7. Ability to edit and customize – Although there are lots of almost perfect Lightroom Presets on the internet, those with a keen eye for design will often notice one or two things that they would like to change on a particular Lightroom preset. If you have the skills and would like to edit and customize the presets you have, they ought to let you do that.

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