How To Find Your TIFF (or PSD) Files In Your Lightroom Catalog
March 3, 2015
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Sometimes when I’m sending files to Photomatix or to Photoshop from Lightroom, I create an intermediary TIFF file. That was especially true running an older version of Photoshop where I couldn’t send a raw or Photoshop file.

Normally, I’m very tidy and I clean up after myself, but occasionally files get stranded or are missed in the cleanup process, so I wanted to come up with a way to find those files in my catalog so that I could clean them up myself. Fortunately, the Lightroom Library Filter lets me do just that.

The Lightroom Library Filter

The Library Filter provides options to search for images using a lot of different criteria. In my case, I know that the files I want to find end with either TIF or TIFF, so I clicked on the Text filter, then change the Text dropdown to Filename.

The next dropdown tells Lightroom how to apply your search term to the filename. One of the options is Ends With, which sounds like it would do exactly what we wanted since our files end with TIF or TIFF. However, with Ends With, Lightroom won’t take multiple criteria and it won’t take a wildcard, so I couldn’t find both TIF and TIFF.

If I was looking for one specific file type, however, like all my Photoshop files, the Ends With works great.

adobe lightroom filter psd photoshop

Lightroom Fanatic – Photoshop File Finder

In order to find both my TIF and TIFF images in one filter, instead of using Ends With, I selected Contains. Now, the search criteria can contain both TIF and TIFF. However, it will look for those terms anywhere in the file name. So it would return a raw NEF file named “My-Aunt-Tif.nef”, which I don’t want. I still want to enforce the “ends with” logic but in the “contains” framework. That’s where the + modifier comes in. Sure, in every other search language, the + means “must include” but in the land of Lightroom, putting the + before a search term means it should begin with that term. Putting it at the end of a search term means it should end with that term. That means if I use “tif+ tiff+” as my search criteria for a Contains search, it will find files that end with TIF or end with TIFF, which is exactly what I want.

lightroom filter contains tiff tif

Lightroom Fanatic – Filter for TIF and TIFF

For giggles, I can also add a “psd+” to show all my TIF, TIFF, and Photoshop files.

adobe lightroom filter for tif tiff psd search

Lightroom Fanatic – Filter for TIF, TIFF, and PSD


That’s all there is to it! Happy filtering!

Bonus Tip

Because I’ve only shot Nikon and I only shoot raw, I wanted to see what other files were in my catalog. To do that, I created a negative filter using the Nikon NEF extension. Again choosing the filename option, I selected Ends with and entered “!NEF”. The exclamation mark is the “not” operator, so the filter looks for files that don’t end with NEF, which is every non-Nikon raw file.

adobe lightroom filter not nef raw

Lightroom Fanatic – “Not” NEF Filter



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  • Hi David

    Great tip, and great blog. I found your blog when searching to find how to filter by virtual copy. This is going to be added to feedly!